Foamex, the Australian distributor of Expol underfloor insulation, is fully committed to recycling expanded polystyrene (EPS) manufacturing waste and converting EPS into other products.


Our recycling facilities serve EPS end-users, building and road construction sites, and other EPS manufacturers.

Source reduction

By reusing all EPS manufacturing waste, virtually all EPS manufactured at Foamex is used for products.

Recycling and reprocessing

Our granulating machines reduce moulded EPS into beads that are reformed into new products.

Energy-saving qualities of EPS include:

    Fully recyclable to reduce waste in the environment
    Insulating properties to reduce energy for heating or cooling
    Water resistance to reduce spoilage
    Comprised of about 98 percent air, resulting in efficient use of raw material
    Lightweight to reduce consumption of transportation fuels
    Resilient to reduce breakage
    No CFC's (Chloroflurocarbon)


Foamex is a proud member of Recycling Expanded Polystyrene Australia (RESPA).