Expol Underfloor Insulation is the ultimate choice for your existing or new home. Placed snugly between the floor joists it will ensure your home is protected from the extreme temperatures under your floor, for life.


Rigid polystyrene panels are 1.2 metres long and 60mm in thickness, produced in four standard widths to fit between most standard joists.


All Expol panels are concertina cut on both sides to allow for a compression of up to 20mm for ease of installation, and to ensure a snug fit between the joists.


Expol Underfloor Insulation is ideal for both retro-fitting under existing floors and new floor installations. Installation is easy and each pack comes with a complete set of instructions, or you can follow our easy installation video. Expol also has trained installers who can get the job done fast.


Benefits of using Expol for your Underfloor Insulation

  • 16 years of insulation experience
  • BRANZ Approved product
  • 50 year product guarantee
  • Easy to install 1200mm lengths
  • More insulation for minimum cost
  • Tried and tested R Value of 1.4
  • Installation service available in selected areas in Victoria and NSW
  • Product packed in bags ready for transportation nationwide